Tuesday, August 17, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

1. When I grow up, I like to be like a male Barbara Walters.
2. I still watch cartoons.
3. I never went to any prom.
4. I love to travel.
5. I never got a perfect score in any math subject since elementary.
6. My parents thought I would be a girl, and my name was supposed to be Samantha.
7. I once cut my hair horribly when I was in Grade 2.
8. I super duper love Kris Aquino, since Grade 2.
9. I ask a lot of questions. As in a lot!
10. I like to work in TV production.
11. My ultimate comfort food is Coke float and fries from McDonalds and Brownie Temptation Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
12. I'm an impulsive buyer, and when I like something, I really hoard!
13. I was never a performer, even in family gatherings. You'll never see a video of me dancing or singing or anything. At most, you'll see me use a karaoke.
14. I don't like riding roller coasters and ferris wheels.
15. I want to have my own wax figure at Madame Tussaud's.
16. I love hairsprays!
17. I dream of studying abroad.
18. I used to be an over-achiever. (Used to be? Currently? What's the diff?)
19. I used to hate Chucks.
20. I love singing but singing doesn't reciprocate. (Hello Ma and Krissy!)
21. I don't buy fakes. I'lld rather buy something cheap that something fake.
22. I love 90s songs- Joey Albert, etc.
23. I'm such a homebody.
24. My obsession since I was a kid is reading books.
25. I'm super picky with the foods that I eat, which is quite a coup since I'm gigantic!

Aaron's Seal of Approval Week 2 -L'oreal Elnett Hairspray

Possibly the most coveted hair product since the 1950s, Elnett used to be banned in the States and American women literally came home with hordes of this product when coming from Europe. But I won't blame them - this is really good stuff, and I believe one of the two best hairsprays ever - the other one being Swarchskopz or however you spell that freakin name. It holds my hair for a really long time, which tells a lot to the strength of this hairspray because I'm so sweaty. Also, it is very touchable. I sometimes use it in combination with Bench Fix Clay Doh Lite or alone. But either way, it works very, very good. It sells for around 650 PHP at Bench Fix Salon and other leading salons and beauty supply stores.

MFM (My favorite magazines) round-up

1. The Kris Aquino Magazine (ABS-CBN Publishing)
A new issue of K-Mag is released, with very juicy details about the Kris-James drama saga, a behind the scenes peak at the inauguration of P-Noy, and a delectable choice of very delicious recipes. Very worth it for the PHP 130.00 cover price. Buy na, Now na!!!!

2. GARAGE MAGAZINE (Sesame Seed Publishing-Manila Bulletin)
For it's second year special issue, Garage comes up with a very good line-up of contents, starting with Diether Ocampo on the cover, the latest fashion trends for men on the international catwalks, staying fit, the latest exercise routine, and of course the annual men's style awards. So nice!

My super duper new love sa mga magazine. Super informative, especially the articles, not mga shallow lang. But some may think it's too expensive for 300 pesos, but every issue is worth two months, so okay lang. :-)

Aaron's Seal of Approval Week 2 -Gatorade Propel Vitamin Water

Hello everybody! I would like to share with you the second item that I super duper love. For those who haven't seen me personally, let me be the first one to share that I am quite on the heavy side. And so, for someonw who wants to feel I can help my body lose a little bulk here and there (although I really make no conscious effort), this product is a Godsend! Gatorade Propel Vitamin Water comes in three flavors, lemon, green apple, and orange - I like the first two the best. This innovation from Gatorade has only 18.7 calories per 500 ml! Imagine, 18.7 calories. I also love the citrusy zest and the fact that it isn't too sparkly (though I love San Pellegrino and Schweppes- but that's for another article). It is also loaded with vitamins, especially vitamins C and E. My dietician says that any food that has less than 20 calories can be classified as "free food", meaning it can be consumed at any quantity. This is really the real deal! No hidden calories, 0 fat, very little sodium, and less tham half a teaspoon of sugar. And it is very, very satisfying. Nothing beats a bottle of Propel after a brisk walk!

Monday, August 9, 2010

E.O. No. 4

P-Noy already signed E.O. No. 4 creating the Media Communications Group. Congratulations to Atty. Edwin Lacierda, Sonny Coloma and our ANC Kapamilyas Manolo Quezon and Ricky Carandang. Also congratulations are in order for TJ Manotoc! Although he had to leave Mornings@ANC, he is "promoted" to primetime news with Ces Orena Drilon, for "The Rundown" still at ANC.

Nightmares at Blogspot

I had a super nightmare last week. As in total nightmare! It was like I slept at around 2 am, then I woke up from Nightmare #1 at around 4:30. I couldn't sleep so watched TV muna until 5:30. Then guess what? Nightmare #2! And just when you are about to think I've already had my fair share of nightmares, after I woke up at around 7am, I had Nightmare #3! Talk about a hard day's night!

Anyway, let me share with you Nightmare #1. It started when I was in our house in Bataan. The mood was quite pensive and I am under the impression that somebody died. Then as I was in the azotea with some of my relatives, there was a car that started raining gunshots on us! Feeling martial law ako! Nobody died, but we all went inside a Vios ba na car. Imagine, about 20 of us inside a car and everybidy crouched down para they can't be seen sa window.

Tapos, we drove until somebody said na I want to eat. (Maybe me?) So we stopped by a grocery, tapos the bought this and that, na parang normal lang. The goons pala followed us. Tapos takbo ako na parang hinahabol lang ni Ringgo sa Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo. Tapos I ended up in a street na parang rubbled na dinaan ng ilang wars. On the left side of the street, I saw the church at Adamson, the church of St. Vincent de Paul, na in flames. So ako, sabi ko, "Naku, I have to save the altarpieces." So pasok ako sa church. It was super mausok, then I saw some people na falling. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was the Pres. Cory Aquino and her daughters! So panicking mode ako, kasi the dilemma was, who do I save first? Eh the church is malapit na ma-super gutt ng fire. Eh I noticed Pres. Cory and the others dead, and the only one speaking was Ballsy and Krissy. So I think I saved Ballsy first then I came back to pick up Krissy.

And nakakatawa the ending of the first nightmare! After nung incident sa church, biglang parang nag cut to another scene ang dream ko! The next scene was I was already outside the church, and marami nang firemen, tapos I was standing, covered in a blanket. Tapos beside me was Ballsy and Krissy in stretchers. Tapos I called Jiggy yata and told him to come there. Tapos we both went to the hospital and brought Ballsy and Krissy there. Ayun.

Ang nightmare #2 was more ma-action. Parang medyo Robin Padilla ako dito (sayang di ko ka-partner si Ate Ma). Pero let's save it for another part of the blog. However, before I end this blog, let me share something pa. Sabi ni Jiggy (in real life ha, not in the dream), if you had a nightmare daw, you should just flip your pillow, tapos you'll get back to sleep agad daw. Kaya lang too late the advise. Maybe next time....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Seal of Approval: Evian Brumisateur

I have been using this product since May of last year and I have to say how nice it has been in making my skin soft and supple and shine-free anytime, anywhere. At around PHP 200 for a small bottle (about $4-), it is quite a steal. Plus the ergonomic design of the bottle is so beautiful.

So what is this brumisateur? It is, basically, an Evian water spray, mixed with some other stuff. That means, NEVER TRY TO DRINK IT. What you do is spray it to your face, around a feet away, as it is in an aerosol can, and gently tap your face with tissue. And voila. It's done.

I'lld give it a score of 8/10!

Seal of Approval

Every week, I will feature a product that I liked on this website- kinda like Good Housekeeping's Seal of Approval. I will be describing that product and gauging how nice it worked for me. I hope to cover everything from designer labels to food to healthcare. What do you think?

Jiggy Cruz to join YSpeak

Jiggy Aquino-Cruz has confirmed that he will be joining Y-Speak on August 14!

From Jiggy's TW Account:
Got clearance to tweet this. I'm now part of the YSpeak family :) my first appearance on the show as co-host will be on August 14 :)

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark expecting twins!

Hendes Kongelige Hojhed Kronprinsesse Mary af Denmark is expecting twins, according to a news bulletin from the Royal House. The twins are due on January. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary already  have 2 kids, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella

Welcome to Hodge Podge!

Hello to everyone who is reading my first blog entry for Hodge Podge.

To start, I would like to explain why I chose the name Hodge Podge. You see, I am a very complex person that is interested in an unorthodox assortment of things. I am a stamp collector, a monarchist, a royal genealogist, an Aquino-phile, a Roman Catholic, and custodian of several relics of Catholic saints prior to use in a church. So in the next few days, months, years, etc., please expect to be flooded with information about these and more.