Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aaron's Seal of Approval Week 2 -Gatorade Propel Vitamin Water

Hello everybody! I would like to share with you the second item that I super duper love. For those who haven't seen me personally, let me be the first one to share that I am quite on the heavy side. And so, for someonw who wants to feel I can help my body lose a little bulk here and there (although I really make no conscious effort), this product is a Godsend! Gatorade Propel Vitamin Water comes in three flavors, lemon, green apple, and orange - I like the first two the best. This innovation from Gatorade has only 18.7 calories per 500 ml! Imagine, 18.7 calories. I also love the citrusy zest and the fact that it isn't too sparkly (though I love San Pellegrino and Schweppes- but that's for another article). It is also loaded with vitamins, especially vitamins C and E. My dietician says that any food that has less than 20 calories can be classified as "free food", meaning it can be consumed at any quantity. This is really the real deal! No hidden calories, 0 fat, very little sodium, and less tham half a teaspoon of sugar. And it is very, very satisfying. Nothing beats a bottle of Propel after a brisk walk!

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