Monday, August 9, 2010

Nightmares at Blogspot

I had a super nightmare last week. As in total nightmare! It was like I slept at around 2 am, then I woke up from Nightmare #1 at around 4:30. I couldn't sleep so watched TV muna until 5:30. Then guess what? Nightmare #2! And just when you are about to think I've already had my fair share of nightmares, after I woke up at around 7am, I had Nightmare #3! Talk about a hard day's night!

Anyway, let me share with you Nightmare #1. It started when I was in our house in Bataan. The mood was quite pensive and I am under the impression that somebody died. Then as I was in the azotea with some of my relatives, there was a car that started raining gunshots on us! Feeling martial law ako! Nobody died, but we all went inside a Vios ba na car. Imagine, about 20 of us inside a car and everybidy crouched down para they can't be seen sa window.

Tapos, we drove until somebody said na I want to eat. (Maybe me?) So we stopped by a grocery, tapos the bought this and that, na parang normal lang. The goons pala followed us. Tapos takbo ako na parang hinahabol lang ni Ringgo sa Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo. Tapos I ended up in a street na parang rubbled na dinaan ng ilang wars. On the left side of the street, I saw the church at Adamson, the church of St. Vincent de Paul, na in flames. So ako, sabi ko, "Naku, I have to save the altarpieces." So pasok ako sa church. It was super mausok, then I saw some people na falling. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was the Pres. Cory Aquino and her daughters! So panicking mode ako, kasi the dilemma was, who do I save first? Eh the church is malapit na ma-super gutt ng fire. Eh I noticed Pres. Cory and the others dead, and the only one speaking was Ballsy and Krissy. So I think I saved Ballsy first then I came back to pick up Krissy.

And nakakatawa the ending of the first nightmare! After nung incident sa church, biglang parang nag cut to another scene ang dream ko! The next scene was I was already outside the church, and marami nang firemen, tapos I was standing, covered in a blanket. Tapos beside me was Ballsy and Krissy in stretchers. Tapos I called Jiggy yata and told him to come there. Tapos we both went to the hospital and brought Ballsy and Krissy there. Ayun.

Ang nightmare #2 was more ma-action. Parang medyo Robin Padilla ako dito (sayang di ko ka-partner si Ate Ma). Pero let's save it for another part of the blog. However, before I end this blog, let me share something pa. Sabi ni Jiggy (in real life ha, not in the dream), if you had a nightmare daw, you should just flip your pillow, tapos you'll get back to sleep agad daw. Kaya lang too late the advise. Maybe next time....

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