Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My loyalty to my President ends where my loyalty to my Church begins.

During the elections, I openly campaigned for Noy. I was a Noynoy volunteer. When I campaigned for him, I knew that it was a commitment for six years. I am not retracting my support, but I have to say that I am very disappointed with his stance on the Reproductive Health Bill. I cannot in good conscience support a bill that is contrary to my church.

Why am I against RH Bill?

First, because it will openly campaign for use of artificial contraceptives versus natural family planning method. Yes, it is written in the RH Bill proposal that it will promote all types of family planning methods- but as early as now, there is a war chest that is reserved for buying condoms and contraceptive pills for distribution. Demonizing natural family planning methods are not only erroneous but also unethical. I know a particular female celebrity who, while she was still living with her husband, used natural family planning methods-particularly the calendar method- as she is allergic to artificial contraceptives. Yet, she never got pregnant!

Why is the church opposed to artificial contraceptives, anyway? It is because artificial contraceptives, in particular contraceptive pills, are abortifacent. What is my proof? Contraceptive pills kill a fertilized egg, that is what happens when an egg and a sperm unites, prior to attaching itself to the wall of the uterus. The state adopted the definition that unless an egg attaches itself to the walls of the uterus, there is no presence of human life. But human life starts at the moment the egg and sperm unites. Thus, legally speaking, contraceptive pills violate the right to life of the fertilized egg.

Second, because I believe that the RH bill is unnecessary. The main thrust of the RH bill is that the government should be able to provide for the needs of couples with regards to family planning. But, news alert, the government is already doing that! All local health centres have stocks of condoms and contraceptive pills that they can be given to people who may ask for them. Why the need for another bill when the status quo is sufficient. Do we really need DOH representatives lurking around malls, parks, and other public places distributing condoms and pills? I don't think so.

The Church is pro-life. And we are also pro-choice. I respect the prerogative of a couple to choose for themselves. The role of the state in family planning is that they should be able to provide for the natural and artificial family planning needs of those couples who may seek them. The Church's role is to proselytize to their flock to avoid using artificial birth control methods. But in no way should the state actively promote or "advertise" family planning methods.

The Church doesn't condemn family planning per se, but we condemn the use of artificial family planning methods.

No to RH Bill.


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