Monday, November 29, 2010

Bucket list

1. Watch a concert that I will pay for. For the past years, I never had to pay to watch a concert.
2. Go abroad alone. Asia would be satisfactory, but Europe would be perfect. I was born to backpack accross Europe.
3. Have a haircut from Jing Monis
4. Have coffee with Biancs and Ma. Better if kasama si Liz and si Georgie. Perfect! 4 to 1! HEAVEN!!!
5. Stay in a suite in the Manila Hotel the night before my graduation. Then I should be able to have a haircut from Jing Monis, and styling by Rajo Laurel or Martin Bautista. 
Again, HEAVEN!!!!
6. Hire a personal assistant (No offense, Keisha and Jamie)
7. Go to Republiq and/or Encore. Again, with Mike, Liz, Franco, Georgie and B. Kahit kasama pa si Tim (so Republiq yun) and si Mond (eww much?). Better if I go with Jigs, Jonty and Abe- I haven’t seen them for quite some time!
8. Interview Charo Santos. I am so curious about her rise to power. Also, Maria Ressa would be a nice interviewee! She is my idol!
9. Have a mass celebrated for my eighteenth birthday at the San Beda Abbey. I planned to have it in Manila Cathedral, but for sentimental reasons, I now like the abbey!  (Viel married there!) Ok din sa Church of the Gesu (because I love the Jesuits), pero too far- sa Katipunan pa.
10. Go to Cebu. Never been to Cebu. I want to stay sa Hilton. Better call my ex, Paris.
11. Go to a date. Never been to one. (Hi, Biancs!)
12. Go on an all-out shopping spree in Forever 21 (THE ORIGINAL ONE!)
13. Lose weight, ideally to weigh around 160-170lbs, with 31”-33” waist.
14. Learn to swim better. Swimming is my favorite sport.
15. Learn to play football. Kahit futsal lang, para di mainit!
16. Enroll in a health club (that’s how we say gym in the UK)
17. Attend a state banquet (hello, Sec. Coloma)
18. OJT in Malacanan or in Tito Alan’s office. (He’s my dad’s barkada- they were chums since elementary in DLS-Z)
19. learn to drive. Ayaw ako turuan ng dad ko!!!!
20. take Tayag for 199.1 (Hi, mam!)
21. take out a new phone plan. Shame on my parents for taking my plan away from me. Boo! (I want to take out a plan with the free BB, kahit mag-add! 1200 lang per month sana.)
22. Have a godson/goddaughter. (I still don’t have one)
23. Have a signet ring made. Also, I love a new pair of cufflinks!
24. Have a proper stationery warddrobe made. Whole sheets, half sheets, envelopes, notelets - the works.
25. Finish my part of the research for the sainthood process of Empress Zita. Hopefully I schedule an interview with the children of Lady May Abel Smith and Princess Irmingard of Bavaria for the research.
26. Organize a rocking Christmas party with my Maroons, Tuks and Pa-next friendships. Oh, with Rich, Karla and Dien too.
27. Visit Kuya Rob and Sir Jalski in UPD. And watch a Sugarfree gig and alaskahin si Jalski (HAHAHA!)
28. Run for student council.
29. Finish Cum Laude.
30. Host a television show, kahit once lang. Kahit sa NBN lang. Kahit event na lang. Sayang, I declined the invitation to host the Bill Clinton forums.
And last but not the least: To enjoy my last year and a half sa UP. Honestly, I am crying now thinking how I can live without you guys. I was miserable when I graduated high school because I cannot imagine life with my barkada, to the point that we sometimes coordinated our uwi so that we will meet each other again. But with my nearly three years in UP, I have met more people that have touched my life in one way or another. Paano na kung di hihirit sila Raf or kung hindi ako babarahin ni Ma and ni Jeryl? I cannot imagine life without UP and without my friends! As much as I love to graduate already, I dread it equally because I will be leaving my best friends, my comfort zone, and the lifestyle that I have been accustomed to for the past 3 years. Totoo yan! But as Tito Boy says, we don’t say goodbye. We only say till we meet again. Maliit lang ang mundo and we always run in circles. :( Emo mode ako, sorry! I just went to my high school and I was really crying! Sobra! I’m sure you know I love you all. <3 Let’s enjoy our last year. And please, RESTRAIN ME IF I’M BEING TOO MADALDAL!!! UTANG NA LOOB!

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